22.03Song 1Sonny Terry – Fox Chase2.05
  Begin tune 
22.06Song 2Brandon Santini – Got Good Lovin’3.41
22.10Song 3Kim Wilson – No Place To Go3.56
22.14Song 4Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers – Queen Bee4.08
22.18Song 5DVL & Guy Forsyth – Play to Lose11.30
22.30Song 6James Cotton – Three Harp Boogie (aka Hey, Hey  South Side Boogie)2.37
22.33Song 7James Harman – Bad Feets – Bad Hair5.29
22.38Song 8Jason Ricci – Can’t Close Our Eyes7.01
22.45Song 9Rick Estrin & the Nightcats – Looking For A Woman5.19
22.51Song 10Sonny Boy Williamson II – Help Me3.07
22.54Song 11Siegel  Schwall band –  Going back to Alabama4.43
22.58Song 12Billy Branch – Nobody But You3.07