22.03Song 1Mal Barclay, Chris Corcoran, Paul Garne – T-Bone Shuffle7.30
  Begin tune 
22.11Song 2Lester Butler – Hip Shake6.23
22.17Song 3Boogie Real Low – Paul Pigat, Tommy Harkenrider, and Kid Ramos6.00
22.24Song 4Janiva  Magness Rick Estrin – Stay Here5.59
22.30Song 5John Mayer Trio – Chicken Grease Cissy Strut Jam9.04
22.39Song 6Kid Andersen . With Andy Santana. I wonder why8.11
22.47Song 7Rick Estrin & Chris Kid Andersen – Instrumental Boogie4.46
22.52Song 8Mal Barclay, Chris Corcoran, Paul Garner – Cissy Strut6.23
22.58Song 9Van Morrison & Linda Gail Lewis – Boogie Chillen3.58