22.03Song 1La Perra Blanco – Elvira Blues Fest 20225.01
  Begin tune 
22.09Song 2MCKINLEY JAMES – Goodbye Baby3.04
22.12Song 3Marlon Pichel – Good Ol Loving3.12
22.16Song 4Amy Helm – Good News4.05
22.20Song 5Bywater Call HOLLER3.57
22.25Song 6Chris O’Leary – No Rest4.33
22.29Song 7Danielle Nicole –  Love On My Brain.4.33
22.35Song 8Monster Mike Welch – Good At Goodbye4.18
22.39Song 9Robert Finley – Nobody Wants To Be Lonely3.14
22.43Song 10Sister Suzie, Aint No Lady3.54
22.47Song 11The Commoners – Too Soon To Know You4.59
22.55Song 12DK Harrell – Get These Blues Out Of Me3.39
22.59Song 13McKinley James  This Is The Last Time4.22