22.03Song 1Blackburn Brothers – Sister Rosa3.33
  Begin tune 
22.07Song 2Jhett Black – Babel – Going Down3.23
22.10Song 3Jason Ricci and the Bad Kind – Shipwreck5.26
22.16Song 4Joyann Parker – Roots – Juxtaposition4.06
22.20Song 5Left Hand Freddy – Makes me mad4.32
22.25Song 6Twelve Bar Blues Band – I Can’t Get Enough Of That Girl7.37
22.32Song 7Scott Weis Band – Have You Ever Loved a Woman7.09
22.40Song 8Joyann Parker – Roots – Stay Home Mama4.47
22.45Song 9Jason Ricci and the Bad Kind – St. James Infirmary8.06
22.53Song 10Left Hand Freddy – The telephone is ringing4.38
22.57Song 11Eric Gales – Been So Long4.43