22.03Song 1The Square Keys – Promo SBN 2024 – Shake it Off Tonight3.31
  Begin tune 
22.07Song 2B. B. & The Blues Shacks – One More Chance With You3.33
22.10Song 3Kitty Li – Kitty Liv- Money2.41
22.13Song 4Matt Andersen – Ain’t no Sunshine4.41
22.18Song 5Meena Cryle & the Chris Fillmore Band – I beg you.4.37
22.23Song 6Subterranean Street Society – Masters Of War4.26
22.27Song 7La Ratte – Whiskey3.40
22.31Song 8Tad Robinson – Sunday Morning Woman4.55
22.36Song 9The Cinelli Brothers – Save Me3.03
22.40Song 10The Reverend Shawn Amos – Baby, Please Don’t Go3.12
22.43Song 11B. B. & The Blues Shacks – Little Mae4.00
22.47Song 12Matt Andersen – Devil’s bride6.34
22.53Song 13Meena Cryle & the Chris Fillmore Band- Enough is enough3.47
22.57Song 14The Cinelli Brothers – Last Cigarette4.01