22.03Song 1Bywater Call  – As If3.52
  Begin tune 
22.08Song 2Cream – Lawdy Mama2.50
22.11Song 3JJ Cale – One Step3.21
22.15Song 4Sheryl Crow – D’yer maker4.21
22.19Song 5Seth Lee Jones – Good Dog2.48
22.22Song 6Blues ‘n’ Trouble – Living With My Blues10.03
22.32Song 7Erja Lyytinen -Diamonds on the Road4.33
22.37Song 8Sugaray Rayford – Under the Crescent Moon3.42
22.41Song 9Angelique Francis feat. Eric Gales – Train Coming4.04
22.45Song 10Shawn Kellerman – We Are Blues Men (feat. Bobby Rush)4.12
22.49Song 11Lowell Fulsom – Why Don’t We Do It In The Road3.48
22.53Song 12Jeffrey Halford and the Healers – Rhythm of the Rails2.57
22.56Song 13Shawn Pittman – Lookin’ Good4.14